What is short-term health insurance ?

 If You Are Facing A Lapse In Health Insurance Coverage You Might Be Considering A Short-term Plan When You Don't Have Permanent Coverage Short-term Health Insurance Can Be A Safety Net To Help You 

Avoid Costly Medical Bills From An Accident: Or An Illness Short-term Plans Appeal To Many Consumers Because Of Their Low Premiums And Because You Can Enroll In Coverage Anytime If You're Eligible But There Are A Few Things You Should Know Before You Enroll Short-term 

Health Insurance 

Also Called Temporary Insurance Is Often Used By People Who Are Temporarily Without Coverage Or Who Can't Afford A Comprehensive Plan There Are Many Reasons Why You Might Consider Short-term Insurance Perhaps You Don't Qualify For Financial Help In The Aca Marketplace Or Maybe You Missed Open Enrollment You're Between Jobs Or Have Retired Before You Qualify For Medicare Or Maybe You Just Got A New Job And Are Waiting For Your

Employer Coverage To Kick In Short-term Health Insurance Is Temporary How Temporary Varies By State Depending On Where You Live Coverage Duration Can Last Three Or Six Months Or Up To Three Years With Renewals In 

Some Places Short-term Plans Aren't For Sale At All Before You Enroll Do Your Homework First See If You Qualify For A Special Enrollment Period For An Affordable Care Act Plan And When Researching Short-term Plans Learn What's Covered And What's Not Most Short-term Plans Cover At Least Some Medically Necessary Inpatient And Outpatient Medical Care Including Emergency Services But Pre-existing Conditions Are Almost Always Excluded And They Are Not Required To Cover The Same Benefits As Affordable Care Act Plans The Most Commonly Excluded Medical Expenses Are Maternity Care Mental 

Health Care Preventive Care And Prescription Drugs If You Can't Get Comprehensive Health Insurance Right Now Short-term Health Insurance May Be An Affordable Temporary Coverage Option That Could Shield You From The Stress Of Costly Medical Bills

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